Critical Thinking

Take a positive, well thought out approach to solving problems

It's easy to look at the word "critical" and think it relates to disapproval or something negative. Fortunately, it takes on a positive meaning when used in the term "critical thinking." Here's how it works…

Let's say you watched a movie and you want to convince people to see it. Instead of just saying "It's awesome!', you want to tell them exactly why you think that. Here's how to do it: You get a known list of things that make for a great film. That list has items like skilled acting, character development, and more. You watch the film with an intent to discover if all those items are there. You see that they are. Now your opinion has substance to back it up.

"I liked this movie because the acting was believable, I could relate to the characters, the plot didn't confuse me, and I like all the action."

Using critical thinking to solve programming and engineering problems works the same way. Your child will learn to look at large, seemingly unsolvable problems - "Disassemble this building. Move the parts three feet. Build it again." - and confidently break them into small, easy-to-solve pieces: The robot has only this much room to move. It has to turn around once. It needs to move block 34 before it can touch block 21... and so on until the job is finished. Challenges are much easier to overcome and understand when approached with critical thinking.

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