Missed Classes Make-up Policy

No charge for make-up sessions with advance notice

We understand you may need to miss or re-schedule your classes from time to time. To make this process as flexible and as easy as possible, we established this make-up policy:

  • Make-up classes are issued as a courtesy if you notify us of your absence in advance. Please let us know you will not make your scheduled class - all it takes is a phone call or an email, even if it is just a few hours before your scheduled class time.
  • Make-up classes do not expire for active students. We keep track of your available make-up classes for you; these classes can be scheduled as extra classes as long as you are an enrolled, active student at Great Minds Robotics. If you are disenrolled for any reason, your accumulated make-up sessions will be forfeited, and cannot be re-instated if you later re-enroll into our program.
  • Make-up classes can be scheduled during any regular class provided we have an available seat for your child. We take great pride in high quality of our classes. To ensure your child gets an excellent class, please do not arrive unannounced - simply call or email to schedule your make-up class.
  • We cannot pro-rate, refund, or apply make-up classes toward other programs, such as winter camp, spring camp or summer camp. Please understand, our classes run whether you are here or not. We issue make-up classes as a courtesy, free of charge, because we want our students to get the best experience possible here at Great Minds Robotics. If you know you'll be missing a class, simply call or email us to reschedule. Make-up classes cannot be applied in lieu of any payment.
  • We cannot transfer, gift, re-assign, or otherwise give your make-up classes to another client. Make-up classes are a courtesy, not store credit. They are issued as a thank you for your notification of the absence, and are yours to apply to your childrens' classes only. Your child must be enrolled, and their tuition fully paid for the month in which they're taking a make-up class.
  • Missed Camp sessions cannot be made up, pro-rated, or refunded. Our winter camp, spring camp, and summer camp sessions are structured very differently than our regular classes. It is not possible to make up camp sessions. No portion of the payment for any camp session can be pro-rated or refunded.
  • We can apply make-up classes to after-camp classes. Our regular camp hours are 8 AM to 4 PM; if your child needs to stay in camp longer, they can take a 4 PM - 5:30 PM class. You can either pay for this extra class, or apply any make-up classes you have accumulated toward it. Please schedule your after-camp classes in advance - we may not be able to accomodate your child if they are not scheduled.
  • You must be an enrolled and paid student during the month in which you're taking your make-up classes. Your make-up classes do not expire as long as you are an active student. Unfortunately, we cannot apply make-up classes for inactive students.
  • No make-up for absences without notification. It's so easy to notify us - all it takes is a phone call, a text message or an email. Not showing up to class without prior notice is unfair to our staff and our students who were available to take your spot. For this reason, we do not accumulate make-up sessions for classes missed without prior notice, regardless of circumstances.

    Prior notice is defined as notification of absence via phone call, email, voicemail or text message, as early as you are reasonably aware of such absence, and in no event later than your scheduled class start time.

    Please send text to 818-298-8872, as our main business line cannot receive text messages.
  • No make-ups for missed competition team trainings or labs (such as FLL or VEX IQ). Team training only works as a team - it is not possible to make up any missed sessions. There is no proration, credits, or discounts for missing your team trainings or lab sessions.
  • No make-ups for any missed classes for active competition team members. As a competition team member on one of our teams (such as FLL, VEX IQ, Imagine Cup, or Imagine Cup Training Team), you are expected to attend all training sessions and regular classes. Typically, active team members attend Great Minds Robotics 3 - 5 times per week; many of these training sessions are completely free of charge. Furthermore, we reserve a healthy amount of resources for our teams, including, but not limited to, robots, laptops, training tables, computer labs, software licenses, abundance of building materials / parts, instructor time, mentors, guest speakers, and more. During competition season (starts June, ends May, unless team wraps up the season earlier), your monthly tuition is due and payable whether you attend your regular classes or not. There is no proration, credits, make-ups or discounts for missing your regular classes while actively participating on any of our competition teams.
  • No make-ups for any missed advanced classes for advanced students / advanced group members. Top 1% of our students make it to our advanced group, via an in-person invite. This is a very exclusive opportunity, with a healthy set of perks, such as unlimited attendance of regular classes at no additional cost, invitations to highly specialized advanced winter/summer programs (additional tuition applies), and very likely paid internships at Great Minds Robotics, to name a few. As a member of any of our advanced groups (Advanced Programming, Advanced Robotics, etc.), you are expected to attend all your scheduled advanced classes. Additionally, you are also allowed to attend regular classes at no cost (classes must be scheduled in advance), if we have space available. While a member of any of our advanced groups, your monthly tuition is due and payable whether you attend your advanced classes or not. There is no proration, credits, make-ups or discounts for missing your advanced classes while actively participating in any of our advanced groups. Due to high exclusivity of our advanced programs, and highly specialized instructors, no proration, credits, make-ups or discounts are given, even if the class is cancelled by us, for any reason.
  • We do not charge you for days we are closed. This one seems obvious - if our center is closed, you are not charged, even if the closing falls on your regular day of attendance. This also means there is no make-up class available for any of our scheduled closings - since you were not charged for that day, you did not miss a class. Our schedule of classes is designed to provide 4 classes per month, regardless of holidays.

We find this policy to be flexible and fair. If you have a question regarding this policy that is not addressed, please call us at 818-292-8008 or email us.