Advanced Robotics

Now for the really cool stuff

These classes are for students with insatiable interest in all things technical. Great Minds Robotics has developed course material specific for people grades 9 through 12. There are no pre-requisites other than the desire to excel in object-oriented programming and mechanical engineering.

Go beyond Level 10 and soar in the upper echelons of awesome

Everything is now project-based like real world computer programming assignments. Challenges are engineered to push each student to the edge of their ability. Students that have graduated from Enhanced Robotics will be given assignments more complex than those initially offered to students new to our learning center.

Regardless, we never hold anyone back.

Take advantage of all our resources

Advanced Robotics students have access to the entire Great Minds library of robots, sensors, and programming languages. For instance, we have challenged a student to engineer and program a functioning radar defense grid using three full LEGO® Mindstorms NXT sets, third-party sensors, and a Bluetooth interface with our computer workstations. As with every assignment, we provide all the equipment necessary as part of tuition.

  • Captivating Concepts

    • Working with multiple NXT robots in a single project.
    • Working with Metal: Building with the Tetrix Building System.
    • Interfacing NXT robot and Tetrix Motor/Servo controllers.
    • Writing distributed applications in RobotC.
    • Using Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS) and Virtual Programming Language (VPL) with NXT.
    • Creating custom blocks for NXT-G using LabView.
    • Saving and retrieving sensor data on the NXT robot using RobotC and LabView.
    • Processing logged data from NXT robots using RobotC and LabView.
    • Custom Data Types in RobotC.
    • Structures in RobotC.
    • Beyond Robotics: Interfacing with desktop, web, and mobile applications using C# and Bluetooth communications.
    • Lab Fabrication: Engineer and program a complex project; then simplify it through code abstraction techniques. Create instructions suitable for Enhanced Robotics students.

Compete against the best

Students compete against others in their class, other classes, and in much bigger competitions such as First Tech Challenge. These tournaments bring satisfaction that comes from winning based on maximum effort and unparalleled integrity. Students work together in ways that mirror the team-based programming assignments of the real world. It's a rush of adrenaline mixed with calm precision.

Participation beyond the norm

Lab fabrication

This is a really cool story. It just solidifies that our learning center is built on a foundation of active participation by students...

On one particularly awesome day, we surveyed Advanced Robotics students to see if they wanted to do anything beyond their already unusual assignments. Our high-school aged students told us they wanted to design, write, and engineer some of the Enhanced Robotics Lab projects undertaken by our Enhanced Robotics pupils.

We didn't make that up or intend it to occur. This dedication and contribution is beautiful. It makes everything we do worth all the effort put into it. It makes Great Minds Robotics the best learning center of its kind. Be part of the best. Enroll today.

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