Classes designed with children in mind

Start your child on a path of wonder, exploration, fun, and development. Enroll them in our Robotics course today. Students as young as five are welcome.

When we talk about what goes on here, people often react with a little disbelief that quickly turns to amazement… "You're teaching first graders about object-oriented programming… with toys?!? That is… that's just cool!"

This is the class where playing with toys opens the door to understanding engineering, programming, servos, sensors, gears, variables, and more. Don't worry, we're secretly using a precisely structured curriculum. Just don't try to sell your children on that (class is too much fun - they'll never believe you).

We've taken complex ideas and made them easy to digest. Everything is served in bite-size (or is that byte-sized?) pieces appropriate to your child's appetite. Click through the Curriculum Levels below to learn about what goes into each portion we serve.

Competitions that challenge the brain

Students compete against others in their class, other classes, and in much bigger competitions such as First LEGO® League. Give your child the gift of joy and satisfaction that comes from winning based on maximum effort and unparalleled integrity. Kids learn to work together in a way that mirrors the team-based programming assignments of the real world. Don't try to sell them on this one either (they'll be having too much fun to believe you).

Level 1 Curriculum

  • Introduction to Robotics

    • Building using LEGO NXT and Technic elements
    • Programming using NXT-G system
    • Use of servo motors
    • Use of Touch, Sound, Light, and Ultrasonic sensors

Learning Objectives

Students will develop an understanding of the core concepts of technology we teach, such as input/output systems, and interrelation of hardware and software. Students will learn the basics of engineering design as it applies to the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system. Students will develop teamwork skills through group activities and mini-contests. Students will learn to build simple programs using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT-G software and interactive SMART Board.

Number of sessions: 16